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The Birth of The Charlotte Guitar Society:

One of the many perks I've always offered my students are opportunities to meet other players, students, and teachers in fellowship. I've never been afraid of competition and have always encouraged my students to hear other perspectives from serious and renowned educators and performs who are experts in their field. While fellowship is important, I also want my students to have the opportunity to hear other students play, to hear valuable feedback from other experts, and to also have the chance to perform in a safe and welcoming small space. 


Traditionally, I've created those opportunities with the assistance and services of local guitar societies. However, no such society existed in Charlotte. As a result, I have taken initiative and have created what is becoming the Charlotte Guitar Society.


The classical guitar is a significant part of the society. Electric and acoustic guitar is also a significant part of the society. My own teaching and playing doesn't make boundaries between styles and genres. The goal of everyone should be to work effectively and efficiently and to play with security and confidence. And in this same spirit, part of the mission of the Charlotte Guitar Society  is to serve as an educational and social link for the community of Charlotte, professional guitarists, educators, luthiers, amateurs, and enthusiasts.


For upcoming events, information can be found here   

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