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Master teacher and performer: Dr. Todd Tipton

Learn to Work Effectively and Efficiently, and Learn to Play With Security and Confidence

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"Todd is a very gifted and motivated guitarist with an uncommon aptitude for teaching."

Rodney Stucky


"Todd is passionate about teaching, and dedicates himself to this with utmost energy and purpose. He is always extremely successful in producing a high level of achievement with every student." Jeffrey Van


Dr. Todd Tipton studied classical guitar at The University of Minnesota and established the most successful guitar studios in both Charlotte, NC and the Twin Cities. More than half of his students focus on other styles and cross-training where he runs a thriving studio in Saint Paul, MN.


If you are looking for excellent guitar lessons, I am conveniently located in The Cathedral Hill neighborhood of Saint Paul, MN.  I offer a free trial lesson and consultation.  The only thing you have to lose is wasted practice time!   


Whether you are interested in classical guitar lessons, acoustic or electric, or perhaps you're not sure; you are in very good hands.  Many of my students cross-train. 

One of the most important duties of a competent instructor is teaching students how to practice. This is just as true for the rank beginner as it is for the advanced student, or even professional. Everyone can learn to play music and play it well if given competent instruction. Learning to play well is learning about the mind and body, and how to use them to one's potential. As the awareness of the self is refined, not only is the playing improved, but the potential for greatness is elevated. Learning to perform music with security and confidence is fun!

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